Danelle DiBari Endorsement

“I wish to endorse Christina Palmer who is a friend and colleague for the last 8 years for Travis Unified School District school board. Christina has always been dependable, highly efficient, and punctual. She is a very detailed and
organized person who takes on difficult projects and tasks and completes them with a successful outcome. She has excellent leadership qualities. Christina is known to solve conflicts with ease and handles hard situations tactfully and without conflict. She is always encouraging and helping people to improve.

Christina’s skills do not end with official work, she projects a warm, cheerful attitude to her clients. In the community where she lives, I have seen her go out of her way to help people organizing charity drives. She loves people; works hard and always lifts the spirits of those around her. I believe these characteristics and qualities represent all that is good for the position she is running for. I am very happy to endorse Christina Palmer for the position of Travis Unified School District school board.”
Danelle DiBari