Marcie Licea Endorsement

“I would like to endorse and support my dear friend Christina Palmer for Travis Unified School District school board. Having had the honor of working alongside her as a member of the formerly active Optimist Club of Solano County and various community outreach events, I have witnessed firsthand her incredible drive, dedication and passion she has for bettering her community.

I have watched her work her magic of connection through her Little Wing Connections company and throughout the community. She makes full use of her voice and displays incredible leadership. Christina is one of the strongest, most dependable, heart-led women I know and am confident in her abilities to lead, create impact and do what is right.

There are countless admirable qualities to list but above all, it is her heart, grit and grace that makes knowing her an honor. Christina is a doer, an up-lifter and someone who you want in your corner. A fearless leader she is.” ~Marcie Licea