Travis Unified School District School Facility Needs Analysis

The Travis Unified School District Needs Analysis was prepared in 1998 to address the need of new schools in the district. The purpose of this analysis was to evaluate the need for and amount of alternative or level two fees allowed for new residential construction. This establishes the developer fees for new schools to new homes ratio in the district.

There are currently three levels of fees. Level one is statutory fees, which is the new maximum statutory fee amounts for K‐12 facilities are $3.79 per square foot of residential construction and $0.61 per square foot of commercial/industrial construction. These amounts are adjusted in every two years in an amount equal to the statewide cost index for Class B construction, as determined by the State Allocation Board (“SAB”). Level two was established to provide approximately 50 percent of the cost of new school construction and site costs. Level three may be levied by school districts if state funding becomes unavailable from the state Allocation Board. Fundamentally, Section 65995.7 allows a school district to effectively double the Level 2 fee; however, if the school district later receives any state funding, any amounts collected in excess of Level 2 or 3 fees would have to be reimbursed to the developers from whom it was collected.
The Facility Needs Analysis explains the school districts authorization to levy the three levels of developer fees and requirements for new schools. The analysis contains the district profile, its projections and demographics, the level 2 determination, the school sites, facilities and local funding surpluses, level two and three eligibility and the nexus findings.

This School Facility Needs Analysis was prepared by SCI Consulting Group under contract with the Travis Unified School District.

This document was updated in April 2018