Jenalee Dawson Endorsement

“I support Christina Palmer for Travis Unified School District School Board.

Why? Because we need leadership with vision and heart . . . and we need someone who will work hard on behalf of the community.

I’ve known Christina Palmer for several years I can attest to her ability to bring people together to get things done. We served together on the Solano Partnership Against Violence (SPAV) Christina is a resilient fighter, and fights to protect our youth. She has been a strong advocated for better policies and programs to support and protect children and strengthened nonprofits and community groups.

Her knowledge of the county and issues is unparalleled, she will be an asset to the Travis Unified School District, as a parent, as well as a liaison to the many community resources available within Solano County, to support students, Families, and staff.

Christina Palmer is well qualified to serve in the seat as a School Board Appointee.  She has demonstrated time and again that she can get things done.

Christina Palmer has a heart for serving the community. She works tirelessly to make our homes, neighborhoods and communities better, stronger, safer. Join me in voting Christina Palmer for Travis Unified School District Board Member!”

~ Jenalee Dawson