Let’s End Systematic Racism Together

As a woman of color, I understand what it feels like to be discriminated against because of race and gender. I am a community builder. I stand up for those who are attacked and I use my breath to speak for those that feel they can’t breathe. Moving forward, I will continue to amplify the voices that have been dismissed in the past, and provide a platform to be seen for those who have felt invisible. We are a community of celebrated diversity and we must cultivate that diversity. The Travis Unified School District has had a few instances recently which have hurt individuals and affected our community greatly. These instances were not isolated cases, these actions are products of a culture that refuses to acknowledge the inequalities some face. Society is repeating these actions of discrimination because no accountability is being held. I vow to hold those discriminating accountable and those being discriminated against to be seen and heard. We need to rewrite how society portrays justice and equality, and that starts by accountability and visibility. Inclusion involves access for diverse groups of people to decision-making, resources, and opportunity.