Jen Currier Endorsement

“As a Momma to a Perthes Warrior who happens to be a 3rd grader in the Vacaville Unified School District; I am slightly jealous that Christina Palmer is running for the School Board in Travis Unified School District! I have always admired her tenacious spirit and commitment to make this world a better place. I can’t think of a better person to help pave the way to nurture and grow the lives of the littlest ones within our community. These babies are our future and it is up to us to help them live life to their fullest potential. Christina has spent years walking the walk, not just talking the talk. She has a proven track record of nothing but compassion, caring, and protecting our youth in Solano County. How lucky are we to have her? And how lucky Travis will be to have them on her board!!! Vote for Christina Palmer and you will not regret it. Our children deserve her.”~ Jen Currier