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We can create a safe, enriching environment for our students through transparency, open communication, accountability, and clear expectations. Our number one priority is keeping each other safe. If you can volunteer remotely please let us know!

What We Stand For

Collaborative Partner

Partner with teachers, parents, students and classified staff, not only on the board, but also on site. As a board member, I will fully support decision making at the site level, where teachers and administrators work with students day to day and could better address the needs of the students.

The students should feel comfortable and safe to share concerns respectfully and openly with supporting staff and the board at all times. I am here to be a collaborative partner in supporting our students and those who support our students.  I believe in having an open-door practice and open-business on the floor for our students and those who support our students. 

Academic Standards

Advocate for career and technical options to prepare students for 21st century careers. Bring a focus on wellness and supporting kids where they are. The achievement gap has not been adequately addressed specifically with minority, young males in our district. I have noticed a lack of consistency with new programs. The end goal would be for new programs to have a stable platform for growth and committed success. New expectations need to be set with clear set solutions and time frames.

I will work with the district, teachers, families, and students, especially ESL and special education students and families which are undeserved. This is a major priority for me.

Board members need to advocate for Fair and Full Funding

Fight for diversity in both our hiring practices and curriculum. The funding situation in California, specifically Solano County, is an issue. Board members need to be advocates for fair and full funding. This includes advocating at the local and State level to consider additional funding mechanisms, such as bonds and taxes. As a school board member I will advocate for Full and Fair funding at local, state and federal levels because California Public Education funded 40th in the nation is unacceptable. Travis Unified already approved this resolution

An Active Visible Board

It is imperative to have visible active participation and attendance to all groups that would welcome us to be present. Listening to the students, parents, teachers, and classified employees on a regular active basis is the only way to serve THEM. I am here to be a collaborative partner by supporting our students and those who support our students.

Travis is a very diverse district with many distinct campus cultures, such as military , Spanish immersion, and low income to high income. Sites, teachers, parents, students, and classified staff should be drivers in many of the decisions that guide the day to day of each respective campus.

Lower Sized Classrooms

I believe a lower sized classroom would help the teachers build better relationships with their students, so the teachers can help with their students learning preferences. Students with special needs have a more diverse learning set, so again, if classroom sizes are lowered the students would benefit greater from personalized attention.

Class size and funding definitely needs to be addressed. Open discussions, transparency, and clear data-based discussions on what has worked and what isn’t working need to be initiated. We have to self-reflect as an educational system, take a deep and thorough look at ourselves with parents, teachers, students and the community to really assess where we are at and continuously work towards improving in this area. 

Here to Support our Staff

There is definitely a deficiency and lack of support for teachers and classified staff. As a relative newcomer, this would be one of the first areas of focus. I believe in fair, living and comparable wages for our teachers and staff. I believe in union safety standards and the benefits they bring to the workforce. Our employees are our biggest asset and they are changing our community through education and safety. I believe fundamentally teachers and classified staff deserve all the support we can give.

Healthy employees are more apt to teach in a healthy environment. If employees are not healthy physically and mentally, it will show in the support for students. Employees should not be faced with spending a major portion of their paycheck to cover the high monthly cost of health benefits.

I would love your vote on November 3rd!